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Meet Steve
Whether Steve Austin is serving as worship pastor, best-selling authorblogger, or host of CXMH, his goal is to shatter the lies of shame with the truth of God's messy grace.

Steve’s years in ministry have given him experience and confidence in his gift of communication, as well as an appreciation for the things the church does well.

Abuse, addiction, and a suicide attempt were not the end of Steve Austin's story. In fact, a suicide attemp is where his life began.

Steve writes and speaks about the messiness of grace, finding Christ in the midst of mental illness, the struggles with childhood trauma, and the ordinary, powerful ways God heals us.

As a self-care coach, Steve Austin believes life is all about taking his story and using it to positively impact others with similar struggles. He believes in giving all those rotten things in life meaning, and eventually a purpose.

A coaching call with Steve will help you begin the journey of recovering from past hurts, so that you can start to own your story.

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