Catching Your Breath: The Sacred Journey from Chaos to Calm

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Hard times come and go, just like the tides. Sometimes difficult days turn into difficult weeks and months, but they don’t last forever.

Chaos says, “What goes up won't stay there long.” Calm shouts back when you’re shaky-scared, “But what goes down must come up.” Chaos shows up, but it won’t be too long before calm pushes it back. 

When bad news arrives, take a deep breath and look back on all the bad news you've already survived.

You are stronger than you think.

In the dark Valley of the Overwhelmed, the shadows loom, the wind howls, and the rains come. But keep on walking. One step at a time. Crawl if you have to. Because just around the bend - if you remain patient and determined - you'll find the air is turning clear and crisp again.

Catch your breath: you don’t have to be overwhelmed any longer.

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