The Chaos of Christmas

By Steve Austin | faith

Dec 23

Have you ever thought about the chaos of the Christmas story?
i'm most thankful for the cross this christmas.

An unwed, pregnant teenage girl.

A long road trip in a stinkin’ hoopty to pay the IRS.

Farmers in a field, following something like a UFO to a far away land.

Flea bag motel.

Giving birth at the vet’s office.

Sounds pretty chaotic, right?

It was worse.

A teenage boy who knows the Bible forwards and backwards.

Amazes the scholars, who hate him.

He becomes a big and strong young adult who can build anything, but the way he speaks and teaches draws massive crowds.

He speaks of unconditional love, but the church leaders are plotting to murder him.

He looks like your average “handy man”, complete with a beard and dirt under his fingernails.

But he calls himself Messiah.

Sounds pretty chaotic, right?

It was worse.

Our God of love was intimately  familiar with chaos.

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He faced Death head-on to ensure our eternal security.

As we gather around the piano to sing our little Christmas carols, I’m reminded this year, more than any other, that this God of Love endured Hell on Earth for my benefit.

I’m most thankful for the Cross this Christmas

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