The Basics of Faith and Self Care

A week or so ago on the CXMH Podcast’s Twitter account, we shared a poll to see what our listeners want more of. The top response was “self care”. So as a bonus, today Robert and I have just released a short episode on the basics of faith and self care.

Here’s a few questions about self care:

  • Why does self care matter to the Christian?
  • Are there examples of self care in the Bible?
  • What does a bald guy and an angry bear have to do with any of this?

Find out those answers and more by listening to this quick bonus episode on the basics of faith and self care on the CXMH Podcast.

And sign up for the 7-Day Self Care Challenge at!

Join the 7-day self care challenge!

Join the 7-Day Self Care Challenge!

Challenge Starts Monday 2/27