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May 01

I Don’t Like Messy

By Guest Blogger | faith

We have been taught to avoid messes. “Wash your hands.” We have been taught that tidy is preferred. “Clean your room.” We have machines that wash our clothes, clean our floors, and sanitize our dishes. Who doesn’t know the slogan for Bounty paper towels? I know in your brain you are saying “The Quicker Picker […]

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Apr 26

Holding Hands

By Steve Austin | faith

I am tall and slender. (Slender sounds so much nicer than skinny.)  I am 5’10” barefoot, and I weigh in at about a buck thirty-five.  I was standing, holding hands in a prayer circle with 68 people I had never met. The majority of these people were from group homes around Birmingham. My right hand […]

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Apr 25

Cheap Grace

By Steve Austin | faith

My Uncle called me yesterday. It made my day.  Each of your comments are precious to me and I treasure the dialogue that this platform gives us, but hearing “thanks” from a family member–someone I know personally and admire–is just a bit sweeter. During our conversation, we talked about how the older we get, the more […]

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Apr 23

He hurts when we hurt.

By Steve Austin | faith

Ben Thomas has been sick off-and-on for a couple of weeks now.  It’s sinus yuck and when Lindsey gets back from the doctor this morning, I imagine they will say it’s an ear infection.  He’s also teething.  And last week he had his 6-month immunizations.  It’s a really crappy time in his little world! And […]

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