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Dec 15

What I Learned from an Empty Freezer

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , faith , Family , Messy Grace

Our first few days in Alaska didn’t go as planned.
Lindsey stood in the grocery store and cried on the very first day. A box of Lucky Charms for $6.79 was more than double the price back home. Not to worry, though. One of the locals we connected with before arriving was going to be out of town all winter and promised to fill our deep freeze with salmon, moose, halibut, bear, and caribou. It would be hundreds of dollars worth of food and would carry us through until spring at the very least. Only, when we arrived at our new house, she had already left town and had obviously forgotten. The freezer was empty.

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Dec 13

Our Daughter’s Birth: A Lesson in Grace

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , Depression , faith , Family , Mental Health , Parenting

Standing in the ultrasound room recently with my bride, my little boy, my mother-in-law, and our precious friends Zane and Hannah was (as Zane put it) “surreal”. Toes, fingers, ears, eyes, lips, so many details…Ribs were clearly seen and I was fascinated with the baby’s spine. The anticipation was high, waiting to hear if it was […]

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Mar 13

Why I Want my Little Boy to Fail

By Steve Austin | Family , Parenting

Working in the public school setting the past several years has made me aware of many things: lunchroom food sucks (but if you get in good with the lunchroom ladies…they’ll hook you up) schools are dirty…I wash my hands until they’re cracked and chapped sneak in the women’s bathroom…it is always cleaner parents don’t want […]

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