Do you need a moment just to catch your breath?


Life comes at us at breakneck speed. If you aren’t careful, it’s easy to feel like you can’t breathe.

What if there was one place you could go to get the tools and support you need to slow down and begin to create the life you’ve always dreamed about?

Now there is!

Introducing: Catching Your Breath Academy

As a VIP subscriber, you will gain access to my exclusive courses. Each month, you'll receive a new self-guided course, based on proven self-help principles.

As a reader of my blog or books, you will now receive added content that only VIP members can see. And can I tell you something? You are going to LOVE these transformative and easy-to-digest courses!


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Features & Benefits:

  • Community: As a subscriber, you gain immediate access to the Catching Your Breath Community on Facebook. Each new member shares an introductory post to build a sense of belonging.

  • Accountability: As a member of the Catching Your Breath Community, you’ll have access to other members who are actively working to create calm and success in their personal life. The potential for new friendships and powerful partnerships is unlimited!

  • Coaching: Each month, I’ll host a live video in the Catching Your Breath Community, where you can ask questions and have a chance to be coached by me on a topic you’re passionate about. Just imagine the power of someone watching your progress and being personally invested in your success.

  • Content: In addition to the community, accountability, and coaching, you’ll receive five exclusive self-help articles each Monday, written by me, focused on the current month’s topic.

    *Enrollment is on a rolling basis. Sign up at any time!

What’s it worth?

  • One new self-help book, valued at $25

  • 1 private coaching session per month, valued at $99

  • Mastermind with other motivated and encouraging members, valued at $79/month

  • Total value per month: $243

The big news? You get all of this and more, for as little as $22/month (paid annually).

Two ways to pay:

  1. Monthly: $27/month

  2. Yearly: $264 - Save $60! (comes out to $22/month)

    • Pay yearly & receive immediate access to these 2 bonuses:

      • 15 Shame-Defeating Affirmations

      • New, mini-ebook, Audacious: 5-Step Fear Conquering System

      • A Manifesto for Hard Days

      • Controlling Worry Checklist

      • Mini report: Tips for Getting Started

*Courses begin December 31, 2018!

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Members receive one email per week on Mondays, including all 5 lessons and exercises for the week (approximately 25 lessons per month). You also have access to community, accountability, and coaching via the Catching Your Breath Community on Facebook.

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Annual members save $60 by paying upfront. This averages out to $22/month.

Members receive one email per week on Mondays, including all 5 lessons and exercises for the week (approximately 25 lessons per month). You also have access to community, accountability, and coaching via the Catching Your Breath Community on Facebook.

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This has been a precious time to reconnect with myself...Working with you always makes me feel better and more prepared to deal with life and those I share it with.
— Jane N., online student
Life coaching is one the best investments we have made for our family. Steve has the ability to help you draw up plans that fit the design for your family. and where you are in your journey. While you may come into life coaching seeking answers and advice, what you will find is that Steve has the ability to help you see that you hold most of the answers already. You just need a gentle (or sometimes straight forward) push in the right direction. Steve is that guiding force and knows what he is doing.
— Christy P., client
I have greatly enjoyed my discussions with Steve and am grateful for his strength, positivity, and encouragement. While he always comes with a plan for our sessions, I appreciate his ability to adjust to the needs of the client and ask the sort of questions that enable thought and growth. Every penny and hour was worth it—I cannot recommend Steve’s work highly enough for anyone looking for discussion and direction.
— Josh C., life coaching client
Steve is one of the most personable, understanding, speak-the-truth-in-love kind of individuals I have ever met. As a life coach, he is real, empathetic, and positive. Through coaching, Steve helped me break down shame, embrace the deconstruction process, and experience what messy grace is all about.
— Sara S., client
Steve Austin is an incredibly talented life coach. He empowered me in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. He draws out your inherent strengths in a seemingly effortless way. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him. Before I contacted Steve for help I felt frustrated and blocked. After working with him I knew how to conquer my fears. Steve is a warm and caring person who will guide you to the best version of you.
— Sarah F., client

Interested in private life coaching?

My brand of coaching is designed to empower you to transform your chaos into lasting calm. I’d love to talk with you. Email to get started today.

*Flexible payment plans available.