Catching Your Breath:The Academy

Catching Your Breath: 
The Academy.

Life comes at us at breakneck speed. If you aren't careful, it's easy to feel like you can't breathe.

What if there was one place you could go to get the tools and support you need to slow down and begin to create the life you've always dreamed about?

Now there is! 

Features & Benefits:


As a subscriber, you gain immediate access to the Catching Your Breath Community on Facebook. Each new member shares an introductory post to build a sense of belonging.


As a member of the Catching Your Breath Community, you'll have access to other members who are actively working to create calm and success in their personal life. The potential for new friendships and powerful partnerships is unlimited!


Each month, I'll host a live video in the Catching Your Breath Community, where you can ask questions and have a chance to be coached by me on a topic you're passionate about. Just imagine the power of someone watching your progress and being personally invested in your success.


In addition to the community, accountability, and coaching, you'll receive five exclusive self-help articles each Monday, written by me, focused on the current month's topic.

“We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we can’t have both. Not at the same time.”

Brene Brown

2018 Course Schedule:

  1. January: Creating Clarity

  2. February: Loving Well: The Transformative Power of Empathy & Compassion

  3. March: Defeating Your Fear, Shame, & Guilt

  4. April: Dealing with Difficult People

  5. May: FLAWsome: Embracing Imperfection

  6. June: Serenity & Self-Care Made Simple

  7. July: Student's Choice (choose one)

    1. How to Handle Adversity & Setbacks

    2. The Power of Optimism

    3. Creating a Healthy YOU

  8. August: 30 Days of Habit

  9. September: Getting Through a Funk

  10. October: The Basics of Boundaries

  11. November: Gratitude Challenge

  12. December: Student's Choice (choose one)

    1. Creating a Calm Family

    2. Relationships 101

    3. Listening to Your Inner Voice

How the courses are structured

As a VIP subscriber, you will gain access to my exclusive courses. Each month, you'll receive a new self-guided course, based on proven self-help principles.
Members receive approximately 12 lessons per month (3 per week). You also have access to community, accountability, and coaching via the Catching Your Breath Community on Facebook.

Sign up today and get these 5 bonuses:

  • 15 Shame-Defeating Affirmations
  • 5-Step Fear Conquering System
  • A Manifesto for Hard Days
  • Controlling Worry Checklist
  • Mini report: Tips for Starting Over

*Annual members save $120/year.

Coach: ​Steve Austin

I know these methods work in creating a life of substance, depth, peace, and intention. You can do practical, actionable things to build a life of calm right now.

It's not just a dream - you can map it out and quickly feel the waters of inner peace wash over your soul. The life you’ve imagined is possible.

I'd love to partner with you on that journey.

They say

I didn’t know what to expect when I started this group. What I found at the end however was a group of people whom I greatly respect and deeply admire.

-Jason F., online student

Steve Austin is a fantastic life coach! He's really helped me focus and get clear about what I want, and helped me make a manageable plan. If you need help reaching your goals and creating peace and space in your life, he’s your guy.

Stephanie L., coaching client

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Enrollment Options


*Save $120 with the Annual Plan



(A savings of $10/month)

  • Content (3 lessons per week)
  • Community (via private Facebook group)
  • Coaching (monthly group coaching)
  • Accountability (a life coach in your corner 24/7)


Same content, easy to budget



(Regularly $37/month - limited time only)

  • Content (3 lessons per week)
  • Community (via private Facebook group)
  • Coaching (monthly group coaching)
  • Accountability (a life coach in your corner 24/7)

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