Introducing: 90 Days of Calm

Are you ready to begin the sacred journey from chaos to calm?

90 Days of Calm begins AUGUST 5, 2019

In this course, I’ll share with you the the methods that I’ve used to create lasting change in my own life.

I want to keep this intro short, because if you’re here, you already know you need this. My goal is to fill this Tribe with people who feel the gentle nudge toward this sacred journey.

Over the past 6 years, I have begun to experience new levels of freedom, strength, healing, and energy. I am continuing to transition from a life of constant chaos to a life of continual, intentional calm.

It hasn’t been easy – nothing worth doing is ever that easy. But learning to silence my inner-critic, practice self-care, and cultivate a courageous life of vulnerability has been transformative. The ripple effects have impacted my marriage, the way I parent, and all those in my inner circle.

Too many people are stressed out and overwhelmed. They’re holding onto deep suffering, unable to catch their breath in a world that tells them to fake it till they make it. As the pressure of fear, pain, anxiety, and anger build, sooner or later these individuals are going to explode—just like I nearly did.

I’ve created 90 Days of Calm because I know without a doubt these methods work in creating a life of substance and depth, peace and intention. Most important – learning to cultivate calm in your everyday life can empower you to live the life you’ve always dreamt of.



90 Days of Calm will teach you how to make changes in your daily life to help you cultivate more clarity and peace. You’ll receive helpful tips and advice via blog, email, e-book, journal, group coaching, and our exclusive Facebook group. With this content-rich course, community, and coaching bundle, you will quickly create more inner-peace.

Questions? Email Steve directly at steve@iamsteveaustin.com

Fantastic life coach!

Steve Austin is a fantastic life coach! He's really helped me focus and get clear about what I want, and helped me make a manageable plan. If you need help reaching your goals and creating peace and space in your life, he’s your guy.

Lifeguard and coach

Steve offers himself as a companion to those who feel like they are drowning, not as a lifeguard but as a coach saying 'Hey. You can swim!'

Shows us his scars.

Austin demonstrates vulnerability and nakedness; showing us his scars so we can begin to be comfortable with our own. His story travels with us to places of deep pain, but his words of encouragement provide a ladder and light for the climb out.

Steve speaks the truth in love.

Steve is one of the most personable, understanding, speak-the-truth-in-love kind of individuals I have ever met. As a life coach, he is real, empathetic, and positive. Through coaching, Steve helped me break down shame, embrace the deconstruction process, and experience what messy grace is all about.

Worth every penny.

I have greatly enjoyed my discussions with Steve and am grateful for his strength, positivity, and encouragement. While he always comes with a plan for our sessions, I appreciate his ability to adjust to the needs of the client and ask the sort of questions that enable thought and growth. Every penny and hour was worth it—I cannot recommend Steve’s work highly enough...

One of the best investments we've ever made.

Life coaching is one the best investments we have made for our family. Steve has the ability to help you draw up plans that fit the design for your family. and where you are in your journey. While you may come into life coaching seeking answers and advice, what you will find is that Steve has the ability to help you see that you hold most of the answers already. You just need a gentle (or sometimes straight forward) push in the right direction. Steve is that guiding force and knows what he is doing.

Respect & Admiration

I didn’t know what to expect when I started this group. What I found at the end however was a group of people whom I greatly respect and deeply admire.

Steve will guide you to the best version of you.

Before I contacted Steve for help I felt frustrated and blocked. After working with him I knew how to conquer my fears. Steve is a warm and caring person who will guide you to the best version of you.

Stephanie Long Coaching client
Andre Henry Author
Suzanne DeWitt Hall Author
Sara S. Coaching client
Josh C. Coaching client
Christy P. Coaching client
Jason F. Online student
Sarah F. Coaching client


Here are just a few of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Reducing clutter (physical & mental) that causes stress
  • Creating inner calm through meditation & mindfulness
  • Simple ways to stay calm when chaos erupts
  • A critical look at the media you’re consuming
  • How to makeover your morning routine
  • Cutting out distractions (the dangers of multitasking)
  • Forming good habits
  • Getting over guilt/Moving past regrets
  • Good stress & bad stress


Our energy multiplies when we work together toward the common goal of inner peace. That’s why I’ve created

a safe, affirming community, and I’d love for you to join me.


In addition to transformative content and encouraging community, you also have access to 6 group coaching sessions, plus one private session with Steve Austin.

90 Days of calm begins AUGUST 5, 2019

This is the very foundation of the Membership: 

calm is waiting on the other side of chaos.

You can do practical, actionable things to create a life of calm right now. It’s not just a dream – you can map it out and quickly begin to feel the waters of inner peace wash over your soul.

The life you’ve imagined really is possible. If you want to be a part of a community of people who are not only dreaming of a better way, but are committed to creating a peace-filled life, then join us.


There’s no shortcut. It’s one little step after another. As you begin to connect each stone along the path: compassion, understanding, daily practice, and most of all – community – you will see that you are moving forward more quickly and with more intention than you ever dreamed. Our energy multiplies when we work together toward the common goal of inner peace.

I believe you can do everything I’ve just mentioned while having a fantastic (and dare I say, “fun”) time in the process! That’s why I’ve created a sacred space where all of these elements can be housed together.

This is a safe, affirming community, and I’d love for you to join me. There is a method to this, and if you join, it is going to change your life forever.

Whatever it is that pushed you toward the sacred journey from chaos to calm, I think life (or God, or the Universe) brings us exactly where we need to be, at the precise time we need to be there.

Welcome home, friend. Let’s journey together.

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Meet Steve

Steve Austin: Author, Speaker, Life Coach

Hi, I’m Steve Austin.

Six years ago, I nearly died by suicide. I was overwhelmed, exhausted, full of fear, shame, and guilt. On the one hand, I was desperate to believe my life could be full of love, light, and inner peace. Yet, on the other hand, I felt hopeless. I was drowning in a sea of anxiety, pain, and anger.

Thankfully, a suicide attempt wasn’t the end of my story.

I'd love to partner with you on the sacred journey from chaos to calm.




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