​Today will not last forever.

One hard day doesn't define the rest of my life. I don't have to have it all together all of the time, or even some of the time. I am leaving the mask of performance behind: no more faking it to make it. Saving a life requires more than just tidying up, so I will not sweep my problems or pain under anyone's rug.

​I trust God is even here.

​The peace of God doesn't annihilate suffering; it simply walks with me through the midst of my experiences. God may not erase my pain in an instant, but Divine Love promises to be present with me, even if I make my bed in hell. God will remain with me as Love gently restores my soul.

​I refuse to let my wounds be a cause for further addiction.

​I am free to find healing, not just escape. I will respect the recovery process by not picking at my scabs. I don't have to have the identity of a person who was wronged forever.

Moving forward is not the same as saying nothing terrible happened.

​I will find a balance between building walls and setting boundaries. I get to choose who I let into my deep spaces. I can do what feels impossible.

God values who I am above what I do. 

Grace extends beyond what I produce or how I fail. Unconditional love isn't impressed by my success or distressed by my shame. I am not my failures; therefore, I give ​myself and others space to breathe and just be.

It's okay not to have all the answers. God lives in the grey, too.

​I won't be afraid of my questions or ashamed of uncertainty. Jesus loves squeaky wheels, too. I will let go of what life should be like. Instead, I will accept life as it is. Grace shows up in the ordinary - so I won't stop looking.

​I don't have to disconnect from my core values just to make other people more comfortable with who I am.

It's okay if others don't agree or approve, I will be okay, even if they are disappointed. I will not sacrifice my truth; instead, I will live honestly with ​myself and give others the space to do the same. 

​My struggles don't disqualify me from a loving community. 

​I deserve safety, love, and belonging even in my worst moment. I may be permanently changed by what happened to me, but I am not defined by it. Nothing can separate me from Divine Love. Grace is messy. Love is free.

We are all welcome around God's table.

Our labels, hangups, handicaps, diagnoses, and fears never exclude us from God's kingdom. We're still here. Still standing. Stronger than we think. Our heart may be scarred, but it still beats.

Religion is complicated. Grace is not.

Catching Your Breath: The Sacred Journey from Chaos to Calm
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