If You're in a Rough Patch,
Here's a Reminder:

Steve Austin: Author, Speaker, Life Coach

Hard times come and go, just like the tides.

Sometimes shitty days turn into shitty weeks and months, but they don’t last forever. Chaos says, “What goes up won't stay there long.” Calm shouts back when we’re shaky-scared, “But what goes down must come up.”

Chaos shows up, but it won’t be too long before calm pushes it back. When bad news arrives, take a deep breath and look back on all the bad news you've already lived through. ​You are stronger than you think.

So keep hoping. Keep holding on when life serves up a shit sandwich. When your inner critic starts running his dirty little mouth, keep trusting that better days are coming. Keep looking for goodness and beauty. Keep your eyes peeled for Love to show up. Sooner or later, it will. Eventually, the tide will recede, the waters will calm, and you will have gained new strength and new wisdom for the journey.

The world groans under the weight of its own brokenness, but Hope keeps holding on. In the midst of hell breaking loose in our personal lives, we are the keepers of our inner peace. We might be heartbroken, but wild-eyed Hope digs her claws in, confident that life will get better.

One day, our waiting will be worth it.

In the dark Valley of the Overwhelmed, the shadows loom, the wind howls, and the rains come. But keep on walking. One step at a time. Crawl if you have to. Because just around the bend, if you remain patient and determined, you'll find the air is turning clear and crisp again. Catch your breath: you don’t have to be overwhelmed any longer.

-Steve Austin

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