4 Ordinary Ways to Change the World

I've been thinking about this concept a lot lately:  Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Normal folks doing amazing tasks.  It's what God calls us to.  No ministry degree required, no special gifts necessary. Here are four ordinary ways to change the world:

  1.  A burden: Those folks that are on your heart, mind (and prayer list) constantly.  If you have a desire to see people change for the better, you'll do extraordinary things.
  2. Time: In order to be used by God, it is going to require sacrificing some of our "free time".  A cup of coffee, a trip to the Basement, a conversation on Facebook, etc.
  3. Listening skills: Everyone wants to be heard.  Making eye-contact goes a long way and showing an interest in something or someone other than yourself can really impact someone's life.  Caring for someone else will invite relationship.
  4. A loving heart: Love melts the hardest heart.  Love breaks down walls, it defeats opposition.  Get it?

Our beliefs need to be seen, felt, double-checked, and tested.  They can't be purchased from the library or the local Christian book store.  Beliefs aren't given out in "freebie bags" at church.  They're developed over time and create the whole of who we are.

I just want to encourage you to be unashamed in your love for Jesus and your love for each other.  To love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. The only way we'll ever change the world is by learning to love past our differences and see each other through the eyes of Christ.

So how do ordinary people do extraordinary things?  It all starts with a little love.  Love goes a long way.  What you love is valuable and you value what you love.  If we loved each other more, and Jesus the most, we would truly be unstoppable.  Love is the catalyst for changing the World.

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