What happened to coloring inside the lines?

Raven is one funny kid. She's a freshman in high school, about 5' flat and maybe 100 pounds. But what she lacks in height and weight, she makes up for with tons of personality.

Raven can't whisper. She's not bad. She just gets in trouble for being loud. And she has no filter. If she thinks it, she announces it to the world.

Raven is one of my favorites.

Today in Health class, some students had to take the final exam and others did not. Raven (or "Pothole" as we call her) did not have to take the exam, so she sat quietly (shocking) and colored a picture.

I rolled my chair over by her desk and looked at the tree she was coloring.


The green marker she was using had been splattered all over that tree and FAR beyond the lines. "Raven, ever heard of staying inside the lines?" I asked with a giggle.

Her response? "That's boring."

I grinned because she had no idea that she's just written a blog.

There are those of us who create the lines and then there are those who don't even see the lines. It's predictable, even easy to stay inside the lines...what takes creativity and guts and whimsy (thank you, Bob Goff) is to look past the lines and have...well...fun.

To many people, the lines are a must. A rule. A requirement. There is no other option. To cross the line is unquestionable and unpardonable.

To others, the lines are simply one person's perspective--a suggestion. Not a "have to", and pretty stinkin' boring!

I want to color outside the lines more often.