Just Breathe

It's involuntary.

It just happens. You don't have to think about it, it doesn't require focus and concentration, you just DO it...

Until you're underwater.

Until you're drowning.

Until that life-giving oxygen gets replaced with something that doesn't belong and your lungs and nostrils fill up with something that's not supposed to be there and you begin to choke and cough and clamor, just trying to breathe again.

HELP! You might scream inwardly or publicly.

HELP ME! I'm drowning! I can't breathe! I'm overwhelmed!

The bills are too much, the baby won't stop crying, final exams are a week away, my wife's a $#%^, my husband's an #$@*#, work is demanding more than I can give, and I just want to QUIT!!

Ever been there?

Have you ever said something like Daniel, "How can I, a lowly servant, speak to you, my master? I'm paralyzed. I can hardly breathe!" (Daniel 10:17)

I've been there a great deal lately, just barely breathing. Have to force myself to stop and take some deep breaths, relax my shoulders, and just BREATHE.

Later in that same chapter, the Master responds to Daniel and says, 'Don't be afraid, friend. Peace. Everything is going to be all right. Take courage. Be strong.'

Let Jesus come to you in your time of stress, frustration, discontent, and worry. Let Jesus calm your anxiety. Let Grace get messy with you and your issues and calm your sea.

It's all going to be alright.

Just take that one step that He has placed in front of you today.

Don't worry about tomorrow.

Just breathe.