Just Us

Lindsey and I have been on a "just us" long weekend and will be heading home later today. We've stayed in a Colonial cottage on the edge of Gorham's Bluff (extreme Northeast Alabama). Below us, there is a 3,400 acre reservoir and a great view of the Tennessee River. We have enjoyed gorgeous sunsets each night and tons of quality time together. We left our two-year-old at home with some other folks he adores, so this truly has been just us.

The morning of day two, I woke up early and was praying/meditating/listening and then began to write. Turns out it was a love letter to Lindsey. I began to tell her how beautiful she is and how much I love just her. The two of us are very busy people and it's much easier to see her as mother, cooker, cleaner, wife, the one I make babies with, than just her.

I am in love with Lindsey. Just her. She is beautiful. All those years ago, I fell in love with a super hot girl who was creative, contemplative, & compassionate...and I met her again this weekend.


I had to choke back tears a few times this weekend, just looking at her. Looking at the gorgeous lines that make her back so beautiful. Looking in her eyes that were the lightest gray/green on Sunday. Listening to her hum while she made bows or read a book by Fannie Flagg.

We spent time doing nothing. We were just together. No cell service until we went into Chattanooga one night. Talk about QUIET!

And then God...

He reminded me that it's the same way with Him. We give ourselves all these titles: pastor, worship leader, speaker, blogger, the one who is always funny, the person who's always happy, the girl who lets nothing get to her. All these roles. All these expectations. We do it and it seems natural and necessary, when all God is saying is just "Be mine" (Dang, should have written this on the 14th!).

But seriously.

Strip away the titles and you will find that you are just as loved and celebrated by God.

We become so busy performing that we forget to just be.