3 Reasons My Daughter Will Never Date a Guy Like Trump

Now that I have a daughter of my own, from time to time I think about the kind of boys she might like one day (when she’s 45, of course.)

3 Reasons My Daughter Will Never Date a Guy Like Trump

Now look, don’t go crazy on me. I’m not one of those anti-feminist, uber patriarchal dads. I’m just saying, I have ideas about the kind of guy I would prefer my daughter date.

There are lots of things I wouldn’t care about: I wouldn’t care if he was Auburn fan. And in Alabama, that’s a big deal. We could still watch the game together on Saturdays. If he happens to be a hunter or if he's all into cars, he’d still be welcome in my artsy-fartsy home. We don’t have to have a ton in common in order for him to be welcome.

I wouldn’t even care if he showed up on our front steps with tattoos and a nose ring. I won’t be nearly as concerned with his outward appearance as I am his character and overall sense of decency.

I wouldn’t necessarily care about the guy’s politics or his religious affiliation. We don’t have to vote or even worship the same in order for someone to date my daughter.

But can I tell you what I do care about?

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3 reasons my daughter would never date a guy like trump

  1. His vulgarity. If I ever heard a boy talk about my daughter like Donald Trump has talked about women, I’d probably punch him in the mouth. To describe women as “a piece of ass,” to say someone isn’t qualified to be President because of “her face,” or to publicly obsess over his genitals as much as Trump, makes him nothing more than a chauvinistic locker room bully. My house (much less the White House) is no place for a frat boy who never grew up.

3 reasons my daughter will never date a guy like trump

2. His reputation, especially in the way he treats women. Which of course I could access through his social media profiles. If you think for one second I wouldn’t spy on his Facebook and Twitter, you’ve got another thing coming. In the case of Trump, how many times has this guy been married? How many sexual assault allegations has he had against him, either actively in court or ones he’s paid off? He treats women like another one of his assets and when they’re no longer “satisfying” him, he tosses them to the side. No sleazebag is going to date my daughter or run the free world if I have anything to do with it.

3 reasons my daughter will never date a guy like trump

3. The third reason my daughter would never date a guy like Trump is because she would never stoop that low. I’m determined to raise my daughter to have self-respect. She will know that her worth as a human being doesn’t depend on having a mate, and she does not have to settle for disrespectful and dishonoring partners. My daughter will be well-equipped to stand up for herself. She would never consider dating someone of Donald Trump’s poor character, no matter how much fortune or fame he might have. In the end, guys like Donald Trump only care about one thing: themselves. My daughter would never choose such a self-absorbed lowlife as a partner, so why would we ever consider him as ruler of the Free World?

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