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I should have died four years ago. But I didn't.

September is always a tough month for my family. Lindsey was hospitalized with postpartum depression five Septembers ago. And I attempted suicide four Septembers ago.

Now that my book is out, people have had some incredibly kind things to say about my story. It's made this September so much better! If you haven't gotten a copy yet, today's post includes 7 awesome reviews of From Pastor to a Psych Ward.

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Jason MacKenzie is an author, speaker, blogger, and mental health advocate:

Steve is an important human being who has a story that contains lessons for every single one of us. It is one of the most powerfully written books I have ever read. As a fellow author I am amazed at how this man can use words to infuse history with emotion that takes my breath away.

When I read his story my initial reaction was, "I can't believe what has happened to this guy." Further reflection reveals a great truth about us as human beings. We're not that different after all. We've all faced struggle. We've all dealt with it in ways that have made us feel ashamed. We've all felt intense pressure to conform to the version of our lives we think we're supposed to live. We've felt stifled and placed in a box with no idea how to escape it - or even what we'd do if we could find the path to freedom. We stay in our comfortable because it feels safe and familiar, even though the door is wide open. Steve is the kind of man who will take you by the hand and walk with you to freedom. The only question which remains is, "Will you have the courage to take his?"

Steve has made a contribution to every one us with his decision to be vulnerable. I define vulnerability as having the courage to look yourself in the mirror and to be honest, and without judgment, about who you see staring back at you. When you do, you will finally be free. And it's in that freedom where you will find the strength, courage and wisdom to make your own unique and lasting impact on this world. In sharing his story, Steve has created a place of safety for each of us to share ours. I believe that is one of the greatest gifts one human being can give to another one.

Thank you Steve. Your book is a triumph and I am honored we have crossed paths. You inspire me and for that, I am grateful.

Teer Hardy is a pastor and host of the Crackers and Grape Juice Podcast:

This is a book that I have been waiting for. When I found out Steve was writing this book I couldn't wait for it to be published. The fact that he made it so accessible is even better. As a pastor, working with teenagers from a varying backgrounds this book is an invaluable resource for me in my day today ministry. If you haven't read this book do yourself a favor and read it tonight.

Kevin Garcia is a blogger, worship leader, and host of A Tiny Revolution Podcast:

Steve Austin is such a good storyteller, and my favorite part is that he takes the shame OFF of mental health issues, and places the emphasis on finding help for those who need it. If you struggle with depression or suicidal ideations, read this and find some hope.

Get your copy of From Pastor to a Psych Ward today!

J.J. Landis is author of Some Things You Keep and a blogger:

For anyone who has struggled with depression, anxiety, hopelessness, fear, this book will be a good friend. Steve Austin bares his soul so others can discover that the grace of God is stronger than any religion!

Robert Vore is a blogger and mental health advocate:

Whoa. Steve writes with breathtaking honesty about his experiences with abuse, mental illness, and suicidality. His vulnerability is exactly the type of thing the church needs to be the safe place it was meant to be for those hurting among us. All the more impressive is the constant sense of hope Steve gives while delving into the dark places.

Make no mistake: pain is real, and Steve pushes back against the Christian tendency to sweep it under the rug. But Grace is real too, and it's as persistent as it is messy.

Sarah Simmons is a blogger and mental health advocate:

Steve's honesty never fails to be refreshing and poignant. He tells a painful story here, but one full of hope. If you have struggled with depression, anxiety, shame, or ever just felt like you are not enough, you will find encouragement and hope in this book.

Faydra Koenig is America's Crisis Coach and host of the Coming Out of the Fire Podcast:

Steve Austin somehow manages to tell a truly gut-wrenching story with such grace and hope. From surviving childhood sexual abuse, to living with the daily drain of mental illness and eventually trying to kill himself, Steve's story is one of walking through a living hell, but coming out of the fire with a recovery story that could save a life.

Through practical application and intentional steps toward recovery, this book packs a punch. And it's not just for someone who has failed a suicide attempt: it's perfect for anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, too. Don't miss this book!

From Pastor to a Psych Ward: Recovery from a Suicide Attempt is Possible

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