Can Self Care Actually Save Your Life?


Why do we automatically think that Mental Health is a negative term that describes a lack of health in our mind or our emotions… yet when we think of Physical Health, we more naturally describe a more complete experience?

Break an arm? Go to the hospital.

Feel depressed or anxious or having intrusive thoughts or drinking incessantly for days at a time? Bet you won’t go to the hospital. Many of you will suffer silently and if you are a man, you will access services less than half as often as your female friends and family members.

When you face a mental illness, you have many things to overcome, but caring for your mental health is not about making huge decisions to see a therapist or admitting that you may have an illness. Caring can be something as simple as one decision a day, for just seven days.

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Contrary to what you think, self care is not something created by the self-help movement. It’s what you do every time you watch TV, talk with a friend or a partner or reach for your favorite drink. Some of these things are healthy and others, well, they might need a little work.

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