The Ultimate Guide to Recovering Your Life - Part 3

When I Grow Up

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pediatrician. I had the most wonderful doctor, who always knew just how to put me at ease when I was feeling sick or uneasy about getting a shot. I wanted to be just like him when I grew up, to help people feel better and put a smile on their face.

What about you? Do you remember being a kid, dreaming of growing up to become something amazing one day? Many of my friends wanted to be doctors, lawyers, firemen, or super heroes. There were a couple of guys in the neighborhood who wanted to be NFL stars, and a couple of the girls dreamed of becoming President.

For a long time, I wondered what happened to that spark we all had. Many of us lost sight of those lofty goals through the years. For one reason or another, we started buying into the lie that we should just get a good job and settle down. Find something consistent and get a job with benefits. There’s nothing wrong with a “regular” job. The world is run by regular people doing regular things, but I don’t think that means we have to stop only dreaming.

What Are You Scared Of?

In his book, Before Happiness: 5 Actionable Strategies to Create a Positive Path to Success, Shawn Achor says, “When we expect the worst, we ignore important opportunities, squander valuable resources, and miss the viable solutions - and thus end up with the negative outcome we most fear.”

The thing I fear most isn’t spiders, a trip to the dentist, or being burned alive. It’s that I will reach the end of my life and look back with disappointment. My biggest fear is living a boring life. A life that lacks impact, substance, and purpose.

The third segment in my series, “The Ultimate Guide to Recovering Your Life” is all about self-expansion. Part One is self-discovery, Part Two is self-care, and this final segment is all about growth!

You’ve done the hard work. You’ve dug down deep to discover who you are underneath all the labels and expectations and fears. You’ve made self-care a priority in your daily life. And the third part is finding the courage to expand your universe. I know it sounds weird, but don’t you want to grow your potential and leave the biggest mark possible on the world?

Your Future: Faith or Fear?

Do you have faith in yourself? Do you believe that you can literally do anything you put your mind to?

“Within reason,” most folks say.

Screw that. Do you believe that if you work your ass off, surround yourself with brilliant people who believe in you, and make some sacrifices along the way, that you can do absolutely anything?

I say a resounding, hell yes.

Even if it’s a long-term plan, if your heart thumps just a little bit harder each time you think of starting that project, writing that book, or traveling the globe, then my friend - it’s time to make that shit happen!

Here’s my advice - don’t call it a dream, call it a plan. Fear tells us it’s a dream. Fear tells us we can do anything, within reason. Fear is the very thing that imposes limiting beliefs, perspectives, and assumptions on our lives. Fear keeps us from living into our fullest potential. But faith comes along, shouting, “Pull up the anchor! Sail away! Do what seems impossible!”

What are some of those limiting beliefs that keep you from living the life you’ve always wanted? That you don’t have the time or money? That it’s too late? That you don’t know where to start?

You Need a Plan

Life coaching around limiting beliefs, assumptions, and perspectives is one of my very favorite ways to help dreamers become planners. You have the idea. You’ve got the spark. You just need to shut out the voices in your head, and turn your can’t into can. That starts by making a plan.

In a recent article for Success Magazine, Jim Rohn said the three components of any powerful goal are these:

It must be inspiring.

It must be believable.

It must be one you can act on.

If you’re ready to act, I’d love to help. With the right tools and mindset, you can absolutely expand your universe. It’s time to take back control of your life. If you’re ready to take a step into your destiny, click here to download my Self-Discovery Starter Kit, which includes a brand-new printable worksheet, “Keys to Expanding Your Life”. If you’re ready to take it a step further, schedule a life coaching session with me today. I know that together, we can do what seems impossible.

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