Tweets of the Week: Suicide Prevention, Enneadog, & the Pope

Are we connected on social media? This post is a list of my Top 10 tweets for the past week. I'm considering sharing a list like this regularly, just to keep you in the loop. Follow me on Twitter by clicking right here. 

10. @Target now sells greeting cards for people struggling with depression. via @TheMightySite

"Although you can buy Thoughtful Human cards individually, they also come in packs. This makes following up with friends and family a little more manageable, encouraging the type of ongoing conversation we often don’t know how to have."

9. Blessed are the peacemakers..." What does that even mean? And how does it apply to me? feat. @jscottmusic77

Favorite quote from this episode? "I’d rather have the Peace of God than to have my piece of God."

8. NY Times - Pop says death penalty inadmissable.

"Pope Francis has declared the death penalty wrong in all cases, a definitive change in church teaching that is likely to challenge Catholic politicians, judges and officials who have argued that their church was not entirely opposed to capital punishment.

7.  #Suicideprevention starts with listening to the people around you. It doesn't require a degree or certification of any kind. Just slow down & listen to the hurt, fear, & shame beneath the words of those with whom you interact.

6. Pre-Order Catching Your Breath (paperback or e-book) on Amazon to get all sorts of free bonuses in the digital swag pack!

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5. Need help overcoming a codependent relationship? Here you go! via @TIME

4. New blog post: “Lots of people are holding unthinkable fears or heartache on a daily basis. Those very people are riding next to us on the subway, sitting in the cubicle across from us, praying beside us in the pew, or preaching from the pulpit.”

I combined two of my recent popular posts on despair and heartache into one new article for Medium. Get the best of both world at the link below.

3. One of my favorite humans is reading the final draft of #catchingyourbreath - let's all hope she's right. <3

Advanced readers have started devouring Catching Your Breath - and the results are coming in! I love my friend Jill’s response to this book! Check out more reviews on Goodreads today.

2. People. Do you follow the Enneadog on Twitter? If not, you are missing out!

1. New blog post - Click to read Chapter 1 of my new book, Catching Your Breath: The Sacred Journey from Chaos to Calm

This book has been a lifetime in the making.  It’s something between a memoir and a Divine accident. Read chapter one of Catching Your Breath right now for free!