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Steve Austin has done it again. “Catching Your Breath” is a truth-telling memoir about being truly human. In our “fake-it-till-you-make-it-world” of 24/7 shiny posts that fuel our perfectionism, Austin delivers courageous medicine: we are all broken - and more important, we are all beautiful, valuable, unique, and connected. Instead of hiding, Austin calls us all to the table and asks us to catch our breaths in order to be vulnerable—together. What a gift!

Are you suffocating? Do you feel completely overwhelmed? During my years as a pastor, and now in my role as a life coach, I continue to meet people who live in daily chaos, unsure what to do to find peace. Maybe it's you. It could be your co-worker, classmate, or the person next to you on the pew this Sunday. It doesn't matter who you are - everyone has a limit. 

I was a pastor when I nearly died by suicide.

The truth is, you don’t have to have a mental health diagnosis to have a meltdown. At one point or another, the frantic pace of daily living has dragged each of us to the bottom of the deep end; it doesn’t matter if you’re depressed, anxious, or just plain exhausted. I encounter people on a daily basis who live in despair, just trying to keep their head above water.

Does the stress of everything you think you should be doing, plus the shame of everything you think you’re not, leave you paralyzed? Whether your heaviness stems from financial strain, spiritual abuse, business responsibilities, or relationship drama, I'd like to invite you away from stormy seas and into the quiet waters of the shallow end.

Life comes at us from all different directions, and most people find themselves in hard times, needing more than just a simple prayer of faith or a Scripture. Whether the chaos stems from financial strain, spiritual abuse, business responsibilities, or relationship drama, my upcoming book, Catching Your Breath, is a book about people in chaos from a guy who’s been there. 

Support My Kickstarter Campaign

Would you join me in helping other people feel less hopeless and alone? The Kickstarter campaign for my new book launches today and is only open for 30 days. My goal is $5,600 - and Kickstarter is all or nothing. You can donate from $1 to $10,000 - there is something for any budget.

Every dollar helps me get this powerful new resource into the hands of people who are desperate not to feel so desperate any longer. Catching Your Breath is a collection of the ways I have found and cultivated calm. Join me in helping others embrace authenticity, silence their inner-critic, cast off whatever is too heavy, and learn to breathe again.

Reward highlights (full list at

  • $10 -  A special “thank you” in the “supporters” section of the website.
  • $15 - Digital download of the book one week before it’s released.
  • $35 - Signed copy of the book upon publication, plus the ebook.
  • $50 - Exclusive access to a LIVE Q&A video chat with Steve Austin (via a secret Facebook group).
  • $250 - Two life coaching sessions, and a customized self-care plan with Steve Austin.

Highlights from Catching Your Breath:

  1. Don't compare the chaos you feel on the inside of yourself with the calm you perceive on the outside of other people.
  2. Stripping away the facade and getting gut-level honest about who you are and why you’re here isn’t easy or comfortable. If you’re ready to create the most honest version of yourself, you’ve got to own your story.
  3. Take it from me: it is possible to be fully known and thoroughly loved. I know that fear tells you that you could never be known and also loved. Guilt says they are mutually exclusive for someone like you. To be loved is to be known – one doesn’t happen without the other. The truth is, being known happens little by little, in ordinary conversations with people who love and respect you exactly as you are.
  4. If you want to heal the deepest parts of your soul, just like with any physical wound, it takes time; it may also take medication, therapy, stillness, a safe community, and a willingness to take actionable steps to get better.  
  5. You are the only person keeping count of all your imperfections.
In “Catching Your Breath”, Steve Austin has written a treatise for finding our center amidst the frantic pace of today’s world. I am honored to recommend this book to people who feel burnt out, used up and lifeless. “Catching Your Breath” can feed your creative spirit again, and provide fuel as you move, at your own pace, going forward.

Please support my Kickstarter and make this project a reality. Get all the details and fantastic rewards at today!

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