Guest Bloggers Wanted: How to Pitch

If you've been looking for a chance to get in front of a new audience or a larger group of people, I've got good news: I'm now accepting submissions for guest posts.


By reading the following guest blogging guidelines, you will save both of us valuable time.

The following types of people comprise my target audience:

  1. Underdogs who aren't willing to stay silent.
  2. People who are looking for practical, actionable tips to improve their life.
  3. Folks with spiritual wounds which are still seeking out genuine faith.

I love guest posts because I've written more than my fair share of them, but the one thing I don't like are pitches from people who have never read my blog. If you're only looking for backlinks or you are submitting something that isn't true to my brand, please don't waste my time. I'm also not looking for guest bloggers who aren't willing to pitch their ideas and expect me to give them an assignment. Bring your freshness, creativity, and individual story to this project to make it a win for both of us!

The types of people who would be ideal guest bloggers for include authors, life coaches, spiritual leaders, and anyone with a compelling story that offers practical steps toward a better way of life.

My blog has a tagline on the home page. I strongly suggest you read it so that you understand what I write about, and the general focus of this website. I also have an "About" page, which will give you a much better understanding of my story and the passion of this site.

Here's a quick overview of my blog:

I write for everyday people, welcoming folks from all walks of life to the table. My blogs are encouraging, empowering, and educational, while always seeking to invite the reader into the story with the use of personal anecdotes and compelling storytelling. Topics include:

Again, it's essential to read my blog before pitching. I reserve the right to edit your copy (but not change your voice), and if you submit something that is off-limits for my blog, I'll let you know.

Please pitch up to three ideas at a time. If I don't feel that your work is a match for my site, I'll try to suggest a place or two that might be a better fit. If I like your idea, but feel that a different angle would connect better with my tribe, I'll let you know.

I only accept original content. If your blog has appeared elsewhere, please do not re-submit it to this site. I run every guest post through Copyscape, a free tool that tells me how much of it has appeared elsewhere on the web.

Several examples of great guest posts:

Please email your pitch directly to me at and with your pitch, please include 3-5 links to pieces you've had published recently. I'm not as concerned with word count as I am with a compelling story, but generally, I publish articles between 500-900 words.

With your pitch, please include a professional headshot. Please don't send photos taken from a distance, because they are impossible to crop. Please do not submit an image that makes it look like you have a plant growing out of the top of your head, or anything too blurry or grainy.

Whether I use your article or not, you will always get a response from me. If you don't hear back from me within 30 calendar days, please feel free to follow up via email. Plenty of things fall through the cracks, and I don't ever intend for that to happen.

If you own the rights to an image, song, or video that fits with the article you are submitting, please feel free to send it along to enhance the piece. I also welcome things like maps, bar charts, pie charts, screenshots, infographics, and slide decks. I can embed videos from YouTube into my blog.

With your post, please create an author resource box with links back to other blogs that support your work. Please include no more than five resources.

I allow comments on my blog and encourage guest bloggers to return to their published post periodically and reply to comments.

Once I publish your guest blog, I will email you the link and will promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the #AskSteveAustin Podcast. After publishing a guest post, I welcome pitches from the same guest blogger.

As we get closer to the launch of my upcoming book, Catching Your Breath: The Sacred Journey from Chaos to Calm, I'll be leaning heavily on guests posts. From May to November of 2018, I'll be looking for a steady stream of submissions. Read the blog first, familiarize yourself with my content and focus, and bring it on! Email me directly at today.

Also - if you're a blogger who accepts guest posts, feel free to include the link to your page of guidelines in the comment section below.