The Secret to Great Life Coaching

I think any life coach worth their salt also has a coach of their own. During a recent conversation with my life coach, we dug into the secret behind my coaching. What is the intention that drives me as a life coach? Who is my ideal client? What’s the ideal life coaching session? These questions really caused me to dig deep and further reinforced my belief that I am right where I’m supposed to be. I was created for this!

secret life coaching

I thought it would be fun to turn our conversation into an interview of sorts. So I’m letting you in on the secret about great life coaching. Below, you'll find out why I do what I do and the kind of life coach (and person) I strive to be. Here’s what I discovered...

Why are you coaching?

  • I am a natural helper and encourager. It’s why I was attracted to traditional church ministry for a decade. I am empathetic to the core - I don’t have to struggle to vicariously experience things with other people. But I know myself pretty well, so in my service-oriented approach to coaching, I carefully walk the fine line between serving and fixing.
  • My goal as a life coach is to always empower my client to tap into their internal natural resources and take control of their life. It’s like the old adage, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” I want to always be mindful not to rob someone of the joy of finding the answers inside themselves. From my experience, church ministry felt a lot like “fixing” others, giving them the answers, telling them what to do. But coaching grabs the rod and reel, tosses the client a bucket of worms, and says, “Let’s go fishing”.

You often describe your approach to life coaching as “coaching the whole person”. What does that mean to you?

  • This is my favorite part! My training as a life coach is more specifically as a “wellness coach”. I am incredibly passionate about the whole person approach to living, so it only makes sense to coach the same way: mind, body, and spirit. That means we take a holistic approach to empower you to live an enviable life.
  • A note about the spiritual side: These days,  many people have experienced trauma and abuse at the hands of toxic and/or oppressive religion. As a result, they are apprehensive about anything that sounds like “spirit”. Coaching with me allows a client with a less-than-positive experience of spiritual things to take a deep breath and exhale layers of pain and confusion. After that, many people are empowered to reconnect with their spirit: the core of their being.

What does service mean to you as a coach?

  • I think of service as a helpful action that benefits someone else. But I view my brand of service as a partnership - we are linking arms and working together to achieve the greatest outcome for my client. My perspective on service includes empowerment, education, and encouragement.

Who is your ideal client?

  • The person who has come through a hard time and done the deep work of recovery, therapy, or counseling. They are no longer in crisis mode because they have worked through the mud and the muck and are ready to breathe again. My ideal client says, “Okay, what’s next?” They aren’t stuck in the patterns of yesterday and they aren’t married to the trauma or the drama. My ideal client wants to climb the mountain and simply invites me along for the hike.

What is your ideal coaching session?

  • My ideal coaching session allows me to wear two hats: life coach and self-care consultant. One is all about the client looking inside themselves for the answers that are already there. The other often includes brainstorming and offering some practical tips and tricks to make life even better. In each role, either as a consultant or a coach, I feel a great passion to empower my client to live a life they’ve never truly thought possible.

Steve Austin is an in-demand life coach, seasoned speaker, and Amazon best-selling author. Steve’s service-oriented approach reveals his passion for guiding others to clarify their vision and transform it into an actionable plan. Get a free chapter of Steve's upcoming book, Overwhelmed, for free, by signing up for his weekly newsletter (just click here).