Healthy Relationship Bundle

By Steve Austin


Healthy Relationship Bundle

Making your relationships more satisfying is one of the best investments you can make in your own happiness! Order the Healthy Relationships Bundle today.

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Relationships are the “stuff of life.” They make even the most trying and stressful days worth it, since we know that at the end of those days, we have someone special that we can enjoy feelings of closeness with.

Numerous studies on various groups of people from all walks of life have found that one of the most common factors attributing to an overall sense of happiness and well-being is having quality and satisfying relationships.

Spending time to make your relationships more satisfying can be one of the best investments you can make in your own happiness!

Order the Healthy Relationships Bundle today and start making your relationship the best it’s ever been.

The Healthy Relationships Bundle includes:

    1. Bonus Chapter from Catching Your Breath: When Your Marriage is Overwhelming
    2. Workbook: Set Yourself Free with Healthy Relationship Boundaries
    3. Action Guide: 5 Steps to a More Fulfilling Relationship
    4. Action Guide: The Emotional Bank Account for Couples
    5. Action Guide: 25 Ideas for Family Night
    6. Action Guide: 25 Love Notes
    7. Action Guide: Couple’s Conflict Resolution Action Plan
    8. Action Guide: Intimacy Action Plan
    9. Checklist: 5 Secrets for a Happy Marriage
    10. Worksheet: Couple’s Problem Solving Questionnaire
    11. Worksheet: Detox Your Relationships
    12. Quiz: Family Patterns Assessment
    13. Quiz: Healthy Relationship IQ Test
    14. Quiz: What Do I Have to Offer in a Relationship?

NEW: Pay What You Can Pricing

The cost of my downloadable products (excluding coaching programs) is now self-determined. You can choose to pay as little as $.99 for some products, and you’ll notice the suggested retail price.

The guideline is: pay whatever reflects your feeling of fairness, value, gratitude, and respects your financial means.

I never want money to be a hindrance to anyone looking for help and hope.




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