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My Little Boy Taught Me How to Love My Neighbor

“Maybe all men got one big soul ever’body’s a part of.”- Jim Casy, The Grapes of WrathMy son loves LEGOs. He’s been building things as long as either of us can remember. At least once a month, his grandma takes him to the LEGO store at the mall downtown, and he gets to build with […]

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Why Making Mistakes is Good for Children

Although mistakes are a natural part of growing and learning, they were forbidden in my house. The only thing I learned to associate mistakes with was pain. If I got a low grade, I got yelled at. If I laughed at the dinner table, I was spanked. If I stayed at the neighbor’s house too long I was grounded. I wholeheartedly knew that my parents weren’t perfect, yet they expected us to be. What I didn’t understand at that time was, why?

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You ARE Making a Difference

Sometimes as a parent, we feel like we’re doing it all wrong. Too much t.v., too many carbs, too much screaming, and not enough patience and love.
But you know what? As parents we are also reading Bible stories every night and say evening prayers. We are exposing our children to weekly corporate worship. They see us pray for people, they see us wrestle with hard things and struggle as we remain faithful.

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Bandaids and Baby Skin

“If it’s not yours, don’t touch it!” Words I swore I’d never say. Funny how we have those thoughts as teenagers and on into young adult life, as the babies begin to arrive. It’s easy to think, “I’ll never say the things MY parents said…” but when it happens for the first time, you realize you […]

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Is it possible to live again? Life after PPD.

After Ben’s birth in September 2011, I suffered from severe sleep deprivation, psychosis, and postpartum depression.
It was the darkest time in my life. I was hospitalized for nearly 2 weeks and separated from my newborn for most of that time. The situation was completely beyond my control but I felt so much shame over it. With the help of good doctors and my amazing family I began to recover and finally feel like myself again.

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