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Sep 06

Want to Be a Bridge-Builder? Get Ready for the Trolls.

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , Current Events , faith , Messy Grace , Millennials , The Struggle With Church

I’m a social media fanatic because it supports my goal of being a bridge-builder. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have connected me with amazing people from diverse walks of life. I have formed incredible relationships with people from around the globe. From where I stand, the internet is a gift. I connect with many of these […]

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Aug 07

Are You Scared of God? Me too.

By Steve Austin | Ask Steve Austin , Best of Messy Grace , faith , Millennials , Recovery , Religious Recovery , The Struggle With Church

“When you are fully known and loved you have a home.” –Joel Ansett “…known and loved.” The words make my stomach twist and knot. I cringe and my insides curdle at the thought of being known. I shrink back in fear of being seen as I truly am. I’ve been scared of God for years. And […]

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May 25

The Truth about Christianity and Meditation

By Steve Austin | Current Events , CXMH , faith , Mental Health

In Episode 16 of the CXMH Podcast, Reverend Ed Bacon joins us to discuss the truth about Christianity and meditation. The Reverend Ed Bacon is a priest of the Episcopal Church (US Anglican) and a voice on issues of faith and justice for all. Until his retirement in May 2016 Bacon was rector of All […]

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Mar 06

The Hardest Question I’ve Ever Asked

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , faith , Messy Grace , Recovery , Religious Recovery , The Struggle With Church , This is My Story (series)

We have the ability to change the course of our lives when we become aware of that core of sacredness—which I call the Beloved—and begin to live with it as our guide. Whenever we have a flash of love, innocence, acceptance, inspiration, awe, or wonder, or we’re moved to tears or filled with joy, we […]

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