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You Can't Glue Ashes: Notes on the First Year of Grief
Feb 28

You Can’t Glue Ashes: Notes on the First Year of Grief

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , Family

“​Blind me to the faults of the other fellow, but reveal to me my own.”-Ben House, Sr.To: Ben, From: BenA few days before Valentine’s day, my first-grader was sitting at the kitchen table filling out twenty superhero cards for his friends. When he filled one out for Ben, I was a little confused. He’d never […]

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Apr 07

How to Listen to the #AskSteveAustin Podcast

By Steve Austin | Ask Steve Austin , Best of Messy Grace , faith , Family , Mental Health , Millennials , Recovery

The #AskSteveAustin Twitter hashtag is really taking off. I’m getting new questions, every single day, and trying to answer as many as possible. What’s your biggest question? What’s the question that keeps you up at night? The one that gnaws at your soul? The one you feel you can’t ask anybody else? Is it about […]

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Jul 17

The Importance of Redefining the Small Things

By Steve Austin | Family , Marriage , Parenting

When I take my last breath on earth, won’t be thinking of metrics and stats. I pray to God I won’t be thinking of my failures of any sort of disappointment I ever faced, but instead of all the small things. The time I took to breathe. To kiss my son on the forehead. To reach across the kitchen table and hold my wife’s hand. To notice the way a baby smells behind the ears. These tiny moments are the ones that matter the most to me now.

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Jun 27

Dealing with Dysfunctional Families: How to Make Strong Fences

By Steve Austin | Family , Recovery

We expect certain people, based on their title and role in our lives, to always know how to love us well. But that’s not usually the case. Those closest to us often hurt us the most. And if you choose, as I have, not to walk away from those relationships, you have to draw strong boundaries.
People can confuse emotional intimacy with honoring your parents. Your parents can love you and not know part of you. Just because a person is in your family, doesn’t mean they have access to every part of your life.

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