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You Can't Glue Ashes: Notes on the First Year of Grief
Feb 28

You Can’t Glue Ashes: Notes on the First Year of Grief

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , Family

“​Blind me to the faults of the other fellow, but reveal to me my own.”-Ben House, Sr.To: Ben, From: BenA few days before Valentine’s day, my first-grader was sitting at the kitchen table filling out twenty superhero cards for his friends. When he filled one out for Ben, I was a little confused. He’d never […]

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Dec 13

This Undeserved Life with Natalie Brenner

By Steve Austin | Ask Steve Austin , faith , Messy Grace , Recovery , Religious Recovery

Last Thursday on the #AskSteveAustin Podcast, I had the honor of talking with my friend (and best-selling author), Natalie Brenner about her fantastic new book, This Undeserved Life: Uncovering the Gifts of Grief and the Fullness of Life. Natalie has served alongside her husband in ministry, been wounded by the church, had a miscarriage, and […]

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Jul 12

A Sorry-Ass Christian’s Guide to Tragedy

By Steve Austin | Current Events , faith , lgbtq , Messy Grace , Millennials , The Struggle With Church

I haven’t checked on my friend Kevin Garcia in at least two weeks. His prediction was right. We’ve moved on. We had never done anything to reach the gay community before the Pulse shooting, but suddenly we seemed to care. We wept and wailed and mourned on social media. And now? We’re done. It’s no longer in the news cycle. Last week was Dallas and in a few days, the vigils will be over and we’ll be writing about the next tragedy that sweeps our broken-as-f*ck nation.

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Jul 05

Suicide: One-Time Event, Lifetime of Grief

By Steve Austin | Depression , Mental Health , Recovery , Recovery from a Suicid...

I was fourteen when my Aunt Missy killed herself. It was the last day of June in Alabama when a police car pulled up to our new house, which was still under construction. I remember how hot those 2×4’s were, as they baked in the sun. Per the officer’s instructions, we loaded up in the minivan and drove down the hill to the fire station where my dad worked, so Mom could call her parents. Very few people had cell phones yet, and my Momma wasn’t one of them. I’ll never forget the way she screamed, “My sister!” as she dropped the grey receiver and it swung out and slammed back against the concrete wall, there in the lobby of Fire Station #1.

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Jun 15

How to Grieve for Orlando: from a Straight, White Male

By Steve Austin | Current Events , faith , lgbtq , Messy Grace

I am a straight white male from Alabama. I have zero personal connection to any victim of the Orlando shooting, but these are still my people. They are Americans. Deeper than that, they are humans! People who assumed they were safe in a place with their friends. But they weren’t safe, and now I am grieving the tremendous loss, along with so many others.

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