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How to Be More Open and Honest about Your Feelings

A few months ago, I received this email from someone who listens to my podcast and reads the blog. She ended up signing up for relationship coaching, and after a few months, I asked Stephanie if I could share bits of our conversations as a blog post to help others who are stuck in a […]

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How I Found God in All the Wrong Places

I didn’t plan for Jesus to meet me a few years back, in a little coffee shop inside our church, dressed just like my Grandpa. Jesus, with a raggedy mustache, a three-day beard, and coffee stains on his plaid button-down. I didn’t plan to meet Jesus that way—that day. I didn’t plan for Him to rescue me from my own bad theology and church hurts. I didn’t even know He cared.
And I never expected what happened next.

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One Hurting Group the Church Desperately Needs to Welcome

I long for the Church to echo the words of Christ, who said, “Come to me, tired ones. Come to me in your dysfunction. Come to me with your disappointment. Come to me and bring your exhaustion with you. Come to me without production or pretense and rest.”

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The One Group the Church Needs to Welcome the Most

I have lived through the lies we tell non-believers. We say, “Come just as you are,” but the implied rest of that sentence is, “ …and you have about two weeks to get your act together before we’ll expect to know how much you’ll be tithing and what ministry you’ll serve.”

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Be Honest or Die

Have you ever found God in an unlikely place? I didn’t plan to be sipping on orange juice, cranberry, and vodka while smoking a Macanudo  and reading Brennan Manning’s “All is Grace”. I didn’t plan it this way. Really. I didn’t plan to be doing all of this while enjoying a 50-degree sunset from Lookout […]

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