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Healing Negative Memories with Journaling
Jun 25

How to Heal Negative Childhood Memories with Journaling

By Steve Austin | Family , Mental Health , podcast , Recovery , Recovery from Abuse , self-care

Have you ever found yourself confronting painful memories of situations you experienced when growing up?Photo by Jon Tyson on UnsplashOne of my most painful memories is of childhood sexual abuse.During my senior year, in the middle of a class trip, the memory of my abuse came rushing back. We were touring the Department of Human Resources. When a […]

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You Can't Glue Ashes: Notes on the First Year of Grief
Feb 28

You Can’t Glue Ashes: Notes on the First Year of Grief

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , Family

“​Blind me to the faults of the other fellow, but reveal to me my own.”-Ben House, Sr.To: Ben, From: BenA few days before Valentine’s day, my first-grader was sitting at the kitchen table filling out twenty superhero cards for his friends. When he filled one out for Ben, I was a little confused. He’d never […]

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