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11 Ways to Practice Mindfulness without Meditation

How to Gain Immediate Access to My Exclusive Weekly Affirmations

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Currently available to patrons-only:

  1. 11 Ways to Practice Mindfulness without Meditation
  2. I Love Myself Because I am Worthy of Love

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Podcast: Starting Over in 2019

How to Start Fresh in the New Year

Are you ready to make 2019 your best year yet? Are you ready to let go of the past, get clear about who you are today, and create your best life possible? Are you ready to do the work it takes and invest the time and energy in yourself that YOU absolutely deserve?

In this episode, I’m going to give you countless tips for starting fresh in the New Year.

Welcome to Catching Your Breath: The Podcastwith Steve Austin.

Show Notes:

If you listen to this episode, you’re will be able to…let go of 2018, as wonderful as it was. Or as big of a let down as it may have been. And you’ll be able to take practical but powerful, simple but transformative steps to turn your dreams into plans.

Today’s giveaway – go to today to download my 365-day productivity planner.

Today’s takeaway – plenty of people set goals they never achieve. If you want to put yourself above the rest, you’ve got to let go of the past before you can ever focus on the future.

If you’d like to dive deeper into setting and achieving your goals, I’d love to help. Email me at to talk about private coaching opportunities. And check out my monthly self-help courses at

Would you do me this biggest favor ever? If you’ve found this material valuable, would you go to iTunes and leave a 5-star rating and review? It helps me SO much.

Next week, we’re talking about defining your life’s purpose. See you there.

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Do you need to catch your breath? Take the Quiz!

Self-Care Toolkit by Steve Austin

Since recovering from the worst day of my life, I’ve mapped out the exact methods I’ve used to create lasting change in my own life. That’s why I’m excited to announce my brand-new weekly self-help podcast, “Catching Your Breath.”

Changing my life hasn’t been easy – nothing worth doing is ever that easy. But learning to silence my inner-critic, practice self-care, and cultivate a courageous life of vulnerability has transformed me from the inside out.

I know these methods work in creating a life of substance, depth, peace, and intention. You can do practical, actionable things to build a life of calm right now. It’s not just a dream – you can map it out and quickly feel the waters of inner peace wash over your soul.

You can actually go to right now and click on the podcast link at the top of the page to listen to the intro episode right now, plus a bonus episode on dealing with holiday stress. The first official episode airs January 1st. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

So, why the change?

In a word: clarity.

As I went through the process of writing Catching Your Breath, I slowly but surely became as clear as I’ve ever been on who I am, what I believe, and what I want to do with my life.

The short and sweet of it is this: I’m a human. I believe all people matter. And I want to spend my life helping others embrace the sacred journey from chaos to calm.

The previous podcast was a little confusing for folks because we covered everything from general self-help tips to politics to religion and abuse and spirituality to meditation and Bible study and everything in between.

I think people weren’t quite sure what to expect.

So, with the launch of “Catching Your Breath: The Podcast,” you can expect 30-minute episodes, laser-focused on self-help, self-compassion, and self-care. I’m going to take the principles from the book and make them as practical and action-oriented as possible for people just like you. I’m also going to be creating a weekly action guide for each episode: a free download you can take and apply to your own individual situation in the form of journals, worksheets, and checklists.

If you’re living an extraordinary, ordinary life, I am going to teach you how to cultivate calm in everything you do. Think of it as a weekly breath of fresh air.

How does that sound?

If you’re ready to shift your thought processes and begin the journey from chaos to calm, I’d love for you to join me.

You can subscribe here.

Here’s what I can tell you right now: the process of transforming yourself is going to take time. Don’t rush it. The sacred journey from chaos to calm doesn’t happen overnight. You need to reinforce positive messages within yourself, and you have to do it frequently.

Over time, the positive thoughts will take center stage and push the negative ones out, or at least, make them show up less often. It’s all about learning to retrain your brain.

Don’t get discouraged if you revert to your old ways when you’re first starting out with changes like this. Remember, you’ve been thinking and living this way, probably your whole life. This negativity and the destructive thoughts have been ingrained in you for a long, long time.

Breaking habits like this will take time. It’s not impossible. But changing habits takes some effort on your part. No magic habit-changing pill will suddenly turn you into a positive person who looks for the silver lining in every scenario you face.

You just keep doing the hard work and keep an open mind. Better days are coming, friend. Don’t be afraid of the changes.

The life you’ve imagined is possible. I’d love to be your guide on that journey. Subscribe to “Catching Your Breath: The Podcast,” today. See ya there!

Catching Your Breath Podcast
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Self-Compassion: What it Is & How to Get More of It

According to a recent survey I sent out, my Tribe really struggles with shame and self-compassion. 32.5% of people who responded to my survey said their biggest need was more teaching around those two topics.

I struggled with self-compassion too, for a long time.

Usually, it stems from a lack of self-acceptance and an excess of shame and negativity.

We typically treat others well but struggle to treat ourselves the same way.

But can I tell you something? You can’t genuinely treat people well if you aren’t doing the same for yourself. Sure, maybe you can pretend for a little bit, But as people get to know you better, they’ll be able to see the shield you create for yourself. (One of the most significant components of my new program, 90 Days of Calm, focuses on self-compassion and self-acceptance. You can get all the details at today.)

Here’s the thing: learning to love yourself isn’t easy at first. But as you begin to affirm yourself, you will start to feel better and better about who you already are.

Why Are We So Hard on Ourselves?

I think the saddest truth is this: we live in a negative world.

Turn on the news for any major metropolitan area and you will see daily stories of murder, abuse, and any other unthinkable tragedy. Just look at the gun violence and mass shootings we’re witnessing on a weekly basis, it seems.

Several years ago, a television station tried to broadcast only good news. The show was a flop. People expect news to be bad. We crave that open story loop (as Donald Miller calls it) and we want to know what happens to the “bad guys”.

I think this is one of the main reasons why we’re so hard on ourselves. Society has trained us to think with a negative spin. Our parents taught us to be cautious, which we interpreted as DON’T TRUST ANYONE. Sadly, it’s an immediate bias any time we meet someone new.

We can also be hard on ourselves because we fear the outcome if we aren’t. If we get our hopes up too high, we’ll be shattered when we’re wrong.

You do things at work because if you don’t, you fear that you’re boss will come down hard on you. Maybe even publicly. And nobody wants that kind of humiliation.

Any time I start processing thoughts around self-compassion, I hear the voice of my old buddy, Rev. Ed Bacon. It’s all about fear and love, Ed would say. Our fears are STRONG. And those fears are CENTRAL to how many of us were raised.

I’m not saying our parents were “wrong” or “bad” for raising us like this. They just did what they could with what they had. They were raising us the way their parents taught them.

Even in school, if you do something that other kids don’t like, you’re probably going to take some heat for it. Maybe they’ll give you verbal backlash – they’ll make fun of you. They’ll bully you. Or it might even turn physical.  Unless you are the alpha personality, school can be a fearful, painful experience.

So maybe you’re sitting there thinking, “Is there a way to reverse this process and stop being so hard on ourselves?”

I thought you’d never ask!

Click here to listen to the final episode of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast – it’s 30 minutes of my thoughts on self-compassion: what it is and how to get more of it..

Introducing – Catching Your Breath: The Podcast

I’ve been working behind the scenes the past couple of months, rebuilding and rebooting what will become “Catching Your Breath: The Podcast”. It’s coming in January. I hope you’re as excited as I AM!

So, why the change?

In a word: clarity.

As I went through the process of writing Catching Your Breath, my new book, I slowly but surely became as clear as I’ve ever been on who I am, what I believe, and what I want to do with my life.

The short and sweet of it is this:

  • I’m a human.

  • I believe all people matter.

  • I want to spend my life helping others embrace the sacred journey from chaos to calm.

So, with the launch of “Catching Your Breath: The Podcast,” you can expect 30-minute episodes on self-help, self-compassion, and self-care. I’m going to take the principles from the book and make them as practical and action-oriented as possible for people just like you, living an extraordinary, ordinary life. I want to teach you how to cultivate calm in your everyday life. Think of it as a weekly breath of fresh air.

How does that sound?

And click below to listen to the introductory episode of Catching Your Breath: The Podcast (it’s only 8 minutes long).


THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! Catching Your Breath: The Podcast #comingsoon!



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What is the Sermon on the Mount?

What is the Sermon on the Mount?

In short: it’s a massive collection of the teachings of Jesus.

But who cares? And what does it mean for us today?

This Summer, I asked 11 friends that very question, and I got 11 different answers (the Bible is cool like that). I recorded their responses, and I think the results are pretty powerful.

Here they are:

  1. Love is the Center of Everything (feat. Ed Bacon)

  2. Judge Not (feat. Teer Hardy)

  3. Divorce is an option, but is it the best? (feat. Ryan Brown)

  4. Blessed are the Peacemakers (feat. Jon Scott)

  5. You Have the Grace You Need Today (feat. Paul Young)

  6. The Big Problem with Your Arrogant Religion (feat. Arthur Harrison)

  7. The Beatitudes, Queerness, & Scandal (feat. Liz Edman)

  8. Those Who Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness (feat. Brad Polley)

  9. Jesus was a Social Worker (feat. Dr. Holly Oxhandler)

  10. Jesus & Retaliation (feat. Bec Ray)

  11. Series Finale (feat. Ryan Dunn)

Listen to all the other episodes of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast at today!

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If You’re Tired of Living, Listen to This Story First

I was a pastor when I nearly died by suicide. But wanting to die didn’t happen overnight.

In fact, I was first introduced to shame when I was just a preschooler. Recovery from childhood sexual abuse didn’t even begin until after I woke up in an ICU hospital room, after I tried to die by suicide.

It was my honor to share my story with a brand-new podcast, “Instructions for Living a Life.” If you’re tired of living, or love someone who struggles with their own mental health, I strongly encourage you to listen to my conversation with Chrisie and Adam.

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Love is the Organizing Center of All that Is

Love is the organizing center of all that is.

— Rev. Ed Bacon

This week at, my friend (and frequent guest of the show), Rev. Ed Bacon, joins me to launch my Summer Series on The Sermon on the Mount. For the next several weeks, I will be interviewing pastors, teachers, and friends on selected verses from the Matthew, chapters 5-7. In Episode 70 of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast, Ed expounds on what he calls the contemplative interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount. Below, I’m sharing my notes from my conversation with Ed. 

On the basics of The Sermon on the Mount

  • You can read every sentence of the Sermon on the Mount, through love or fear.
  • Jesus said, “blessed are the pure in heart.” There’s also a thing called the “shrunken heart” (or the “shriveled heart”). It’s really important in our National life, to pay attention to heartedness. The heart is our gift for reading signals in the world. To pick up signals from another person, the times, etc. The heart should be the “reader” for what is going on. To the degree that we have a pure, open, full heart – literally, we are seeing God in all things. That is what the Christ (in Jesus) was telling us, through Matthew writing it down. When we have the mind of Christ, we can see what’s going on, and we can see Christ through all things.

On having the mind of Christ

  • If you really want to know what the “mind of Christ” is, just go word-by-word in the Sermon on the Mount.

  • My current translation of “Christ” is “love made tangible”. It is Love that you can feel, and Love that loves everything that is tangible. Christ is the part of the Divine One that loves everything that was ever made. Christ energy is in absolutely everything God ever created. Christ is in you and me, and everyone we admire, and everyone we don’t admire.

On loving our enemies

  • Donald Trump’s [theological] name is Donald Christ, because nothing that God made was made apart from love made tangible. In a lot of people, Christ is heavily disguised. Our job is to seek the Christ who is in absolutely everyone. Christ is asleep in a lot of us. We don’t have the awareness of Christ being the animating energy of our lives. Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself?

  • Love brings us oxygen to a religious stagnation. It brings tonic into a toxic situation, and it removes the poison. You can have a theology that is literally a toxic theology if it starts in fear and separation as opposed to Love and Oneness.

  • Christ is not exclusive. Divine Love (“Love made tangible” or “the Loving One”) always makes room, never divides, and never excludes, always is creative enough to include even the puzzle piece that seems not to fit it. That’s because it is a miraculous mind. Love has a miraculous mentality, awareness, and consciousness.

  • One of my favorite images for life is the mandala. You have all sorts of very disparate and differentiated colors and shapes, but because of the center that organizes it all, it organizes it all into a pattern so that everything belongs. That’s what Love is: Love is the organizing center of all that is.

On practicing love, while speaking truth to power

  • To pray for transformation is one of the most loving things.

  • We are called to be merciful, the same way our Loving God is merciful (or compassionate).

  • Contemplation has to be understood holding hands with community.

This was one of my favorite podcast conversations ever! To listen to the full interview, click here to go to Episode 70 of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast at, or listen on your favorite podcasting app today.

I am Steve Austin. As you check out my site, my goal is to encourage you to do things like: silence your inner critic, cultivate a lifestyle of self-care, and recover from whatever has wounded you. Fear, shame, and guilt have permeated our culture for far too long. It’s time to be embraced by Divine love, exactly as you are.

Whether you’re looking for a coach you can trust or a lifeline because your soul has been wounded, you’re safe here.

Welcome home.