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Nov 07

On Faith, Fear, and American Politics

By Steve Austin | Current Events , faith

Politicians and pundits are using stronger language than ever, and who knows if they ever mean what they say or if it’s just a brazen attempt to put their sound byte at the top of another news cycle. I want to be an informed citizen, but the news seems to be growing more dim by the day. As a result, our world seems more fearful than ever. So what should a Christian do?

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Aug 03

Our World Needs Superheroes: A Look at the 2016 Olympics Refugee Team

By Steve Austin | Current Events , faith , Millennials

Beginning August 5th in Rio, the world will be introduced to a new group of superheroes. At the 2016 Olympics, there will be 10,500 athletes competing, but the world will be watching 10 in particular. For the first time ever, the International Olympic Committee has chosen a refugee team to compete.

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